Serafino Bianchi’s best advice: “Do what you do best and multiply it”.

Make sure you get a qualified Real Estate Agent that you feel comfortable with to represent you as you sell your home.

So what is it that you do best?  If selling your home isn’t on your list, you owe it to yourself to hand that job over to a professional Realtor.  And if you live in California in the East Bay, you should give the Bianchi Real Estate Team a call.

Selling your home can be an overwhelming task, and trying to do it all yourself won’t save you money in the end.  If fact, it is more than likely that it will end up costing you money.  So don’t try and do everything yourself.

In talking to Serafino Bianchi about life and work,  Serafino says… Do what you do best and multiply it.  And what Serafino does best is sell houses.   So for example, if you are a doctor, you don’t want to get distracted… focus on what you do, and save more lives!     In an ever changing market and an overwhelming amount of choices to be made, work with a professional who does this all the time.    If you hand over the responsibility to the Bianchi Real Estate team, then you can get back to doing what you do best…  hopefully enjoying your life.

Serafino and the Bianchi Real Estate Team organizes all aspects of your remodel

Serafino and the Bianchi Real Estate Team organizes all aspects of your remodel

An experienced professional realtor knows the ever changing market… trends change monthly, and a realtor is intimately familiar with these nuances.  You might think that you know the market, and you’ve priced your house on Zillow (which is a great site, by the way, you should absolutely check it out, just don’t rely on it entirely).   It’s not so much what your house is worth per se but how it’s presented, what buyers are looking for right now, what is trending and selling today.

Do you know just how to get your house ready for market?   With 24+ years of experience in Real Estate in the East Bay, Serafino and the Bianchi Team knows what to do to, and has the expertise and connections to get you there.  When you spend money to prep your home for sale, you want to get your money back out of it!   Make sure that your Realtor knows which decisions will actually sell the house for you at a higher price and make that money back.

Remodeling Advice with Bianchi Real EstateSerafino knows what sells and how to market a home for the best success in selling it.  He can pull together an experienced team of professionals for any job — from a big remodel to painting your home to fixing up the garden, Serafino and the Bianchi Team is on your side.  They will work with you and your budget to determine the best course of action to get your home ready, and then oversee all the work to make sure that it is done exactly the way you want it.  Not only will this raise the value of your home and potential for selling it quickly, you can rest easy that everything is being done with the most professionalism and personal care.

And you can go back to doing what you do best.


Serafino Bianchi and the Bianchi Real Estate Team : Feeding Families and Saving the Planet one bag at a time.

Did you know that nearly 400 billion pounds of plastic bags are used and thrown away every year? Less than 2% of that gets recycled, and the rest ends up swirling around in our oceans, damaging the eco-system and marine life. Alameda County has taken action by banning plastic shopping bags, and many individual stores have begun to charge for bags as well, to encourage their patrons to bring their own and recycle.

In light of all this, Serafino Bianchi of the Bianchi Real Estate Team had an idea. What if he provided eco-friendly grocery totes for his clients? He could provide a nice service, help save the planet, and remind his clients to think of him the next time they wanted to buy or sell their home – all at the same time.

He ordered the bags, and started putting them into the hands of his clients. They were a huge hit! Both fashionable and functional, these beautiful reusable bags are making a scene at the local grocery markets in Pleasanton, Alamo, and Danville.

Plastic Bags end up in the ocean.

Plastic Bags end up in the ocean.

Serafino grew up in Italy and developed a taste for healthy, wholesome food at a young age. As a young boy, loved to pick blueberries, mushrooms, and chestnuts from the wild countryside. He loves to tell stories about how the chestnuts were dried and prepared in a huge two-story stove in his tiny hometown, and how his mother would make chestnut soup and bread from the dried nuts

Since Serafino’s bags are being used to carry food, he thought about how he could help those in need who didn’t have access to a healthy meal, and decided to team up with the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County. The Food Bank has been serving the community for over 35 years, and serves approximately 149,000 hungry people in need every month.

Serafino and the Bianchi team will donate to the Food Bank every time someone buys or sells a home in 2014. This feeds a family of four for an entire month with the sale or purchase of just one home.

Bianchi Grocery Tote

You can donate to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano too! If you’d like one of Serafino’s Eco-Friendly grocery totes, drop us an email at

Bianchi Real Estate

Get to know Serafino Bianchi!


Serafino and his wife, Pat love all things horses, dogs, and real estate!

Serafino and Pat Bianchi of the Bianchi Real Estate Team

Serafino and Pat Bianchi of the Bianchi Real Estate Team

At an early age, Serafino was a creative boy.  He drew constantly, he wrote stories, and he invented all kinds of things with his hands.  I know because he told me many many stories about these things from when he was a boy — I am his daughter and many a night when I was a little girl my sister and I would cry, “daddy!  tell us a story!”  and he would settle in and start to talk, and we knew we were in for a treat.

My father was born in Italy and life as a boy was worlds apart from what his life is like today.  He would tell stories about picking blueberries, and mushrooms, and chestnuts (oh he loves the chestnuts!) and all of the amazing food his mother would make from it.  He would sit for hours and draw pictures of his little home town up in a mountains near Lucca.

Serafino Bianchi draws San Romano

Serafino Bianchi draws San Romano


The funny thing is that still has that curious mind, he’s still constantly reinventing himself and always thinking of a better way to do something.

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