Serafino Bianchi, 5 Star Zillow Agent!

Serafino Bianchi reviews

We are so thrilled to have the honor of a FIVE STAR rating on Zillow!

It’s a great place to go if you are buying a home, or trying to sell the one you already own. You can find great real estate agents in your area, ask questions that will get real answers from real agents in a matter of minutes, and find out how much your home is worth! If you feel like the amount that Zillow indicates your home worth is incorrect, you can change the “zestimate” to add in things like a new bathroom or additional upgrades that increase the worth of your home.

Zillow is a great resource for all things real estate related: Market Trends, Tips and Advice, and Home Improvement!

As a real estate broker, Serafino appreciates the access that Zillow gives clients. More often than not, a client has already visited zillow before they meet with The Bianchi Team, and we can start our conversation from a place of information about the market, their value of their home, as well as what’s currently available. We love that clients can check out Serafino’s profile, read reviews from past clients, and make an informed decision about working with The Bianchi Real Estate Team.